An analysis of a plot and characters in a moon for the misbegotten by eugene oneill

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A Moon for the Misbegotten

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Eugene O’Neill’s last completed play, A Moon for the Misbegotten is a sequel to his autobiographical Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Moon picks up eleven years after the events described in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, as Jim Tyrone (based on O’Neill’s older brother Jamie) grasps at a last chance at love under the full moonlight.4/5.

A Moon for the Misbegotten One of the major themes in the play, “A Moon for the Misbegotten” by Eugene O’ Neill, is the fact that people are rarely what they seem to be at first glance. We see this theme in at least three out of the six characters in the play.

Eugene O'Neill's The Straw as an Unexpressionist Play: An Expressionist Study of the Concepts of Forlornness, Communciation, and Revivification. An Expressionist Study of the Concepts of Forlornness, Communciation, and Revivification.


Eugene O'Neill

Mojtaba Jeihouni + 1. Mojtaba Jeihouni. Naser Maleki. Files. 1 of 2. A Moon for the Misbegotten is a play about finding peace—not the peace at the bottom of a whiskey bottle found by Harry Hope and company, but peace rooted in human kinship of the closest kind.

It is a play about forgiveness and self-forgiveness, both of which seemed so hard to come by in. In O’Neill’s Long Days Journey into Night and A Moon for the Misbegotten he really bring the drama of Greek tragedy into a modern sense.

Long day’s journey into night can relate back to Greek drama.

An analysis of a plot and characters in a moon for the misbegotten by eugene oneill
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