Confronted by evil: harry truman and the bombing of japan essay

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Confronted by Evil: Harry Truman and the Bombing of Japan Essay Sample

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Neither the US nor even Japan's Asian neighbors had any more cause to fear Nippon's expansionism. The historiography of the atomic bomb can be roughly categorized into three camps: traditionalists, revisionists, and middle-ground "consensus" historians.

[1] Traditionalists, also referred to as orthodox[2] historians and post-revisionists, studying the atomic bomb generally accept the view. Confronted by Evil: Harry Truman and the Bombing of Japan Essay Sample In a rational, civilized forum, there can be little justification for mass murder and destruction.

It is a mark of higher-level humanity that life is regarded as both precious and worthy of preservation.

United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Japan's Struggle to End the War, typescript, 1 Julyin The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan, vol. 1 of Documentary History of the Truman Presidency, ed. Dennis Merrill (Bethesda, MD, ), –. The most spectacular episode of Harry Truman's presidency will never be forgotten but will be forever linked to his name: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima on.

The decision to use the atomic bomb: Less than two weeks after being sworn in as president, Harry S. Truman received a long report from Secretary of War Henry L.

Stimson. “Within four months,” it began, “we shall in all probability have completed the most terrible weapon ever known in human history.” Truman’s decision to use the.

Confronted by evil: harry truman and the bombing of japan essay
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Confronted by Evil: Harry Truman and the Bombing of Japan | Essay Example